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Change Your Mindset

It’s easy to look at what you didn’t get to this week, the workout you didn’t do, the project you didn’t finish. The email you didn’t send. 🤦🏽‍♀️ But what about all the things you got done, the projects you finished, the time you spent with others, the time you gave yourself, the people you helped?


Think about it. What can you celebrate about this week?

⭐️Your call with a friend.

⭐️Your time with your kids and family.

⭐️That workout that had you breathless. ⭐️That moment you took a breath before you replied to that email. 👏🏽

⭐️Putting away all devices at a meal.👍🏽

⭐️Walking away from your TV when you find yourself “browsing” (you know what I’m talking about)

⭐️Getting outside for that walk or run, or just being outside period.

(And yes, I took it back to kindergarten when you got stars for things🙌🏽)


Take a moment to appreciate yourself and your effort. Appreciate all you give and do. These things matter. Don’t brush them off.


You can push yourself to be better while also celebrating all you’ve done and where you are. 👊🏽


I need this reminder. We all do.


Share with someone who needs to hear it.




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