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Feliz Pascua

I ruined Easter. Well, not exactly 😬

On Friday, my kids asked what time the Easter bunny was coming on Sunday and how exactly the bunny does baskets and hides the eggs outside.

I explained the Easter bunny comes and brings everything to me and my husband and then we hide the eggs outside for their Easter egg hunt.

Great. So I ran to CVS to get eggs and baskets. I left all that in my car.

I’m thinking I’m very clever to hide these things in the car because my kids will find them in the house.

The next day (Saturday) I realize I forgot the candy and stickers to put in the eggs.

I’m in the kitchen with my son and I say, “oh Juli (short for Julian but said in Spanish), I need to run to CVS to get the candy for the eggs!”

He looks at me and says pointing to me: “I knew it! You and Daddy buy the eggs!” He is laughing. More like cackling.

He then tells my 5-year-old daughter about what I just said. She laughs. Hysterically.

At that point, I was laughing and told them: you know, no there’s no Easter bunny but we’ll still have a fun Easter!

I also told them not to tell their 2-year-old sister until she was 5 about the Easter bunny, you know….. to be fair.

My husband heard me as I was talking to the kids and told me that I was crushing dreams.

I silently mouthed to him: “At least I didn’t ruin Santa Clause.”

Here’s my daughter with a selfie after eating way too much candy.

And that is now the end of the Easter bunny in our home.

It’s ok though. I think the kids will be fine.🤣

Happy Easter/Feliz Pascua! 🌸


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