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First Gens

For my fellow first gens (or anyone whose parents busted their behinds to give them educational opportunities, ensured they were safe and had what they needed, despite the odds stacked against them): You stand on the shoulders of giants. You’re humbled and want to honor your parents’ sacrifices; they’ve done so much for you. Their sacrifices paved the way for you. But they wouldn’t have sacrificed what they did if they thought you wouldn’t be giving yourself the opportunity to be happy with your life. So go make money. And lots of it. Go rack up your degrees and titles. Become a teacher, entrepreneur, C-suite executive, or non-profit leader. Become anything you want to be. Do anything you want. As long as it’s what YOU want, not what you think is expected of you. And as long as you make time for connecting with yourself and others. Our family wants us to feel joy and to feel fulfilled. They don’t want us to sacrifice ourselves the way they had to. Doing what honors our truth and finding our joy is the best gift we can give to our parents.❤️ #opportunity #firstgeneration #sacrifice


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