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You know when you’re tired but one person or thing can help you turn up your energy?

About a week ago, I was in a coffee shop and heard a song playing. I had long day the day before. I just wanted some coffee. But the song’s beat was so good that I started moving my head to the rhythm. I was moving my feet a bit. I was vibing while waiting for my coffee. I didn’t think anyone would notice.

Then a woman came up to me and said: This is a good song. I see you bopping so I thought I could bop too.

I started laughing and we had the most wonderful conversation. Two strangers.

Bopping to a Tribe Called Quest playing. The barista said he had on the Fugees playlist. Yes I was in heaven.

I got my coffee, had a surge of energy, and as I left I saw this gratitude sign. You can’t make this stuff up.

I was reminded to be grateful for all of it. And to share with my husband in a text thanking him for holding it down at home while I was traveling to do what I needed to fill my cup.

Who is one person you can text or email today and share how thankful you are for them?

To you spreading gratitude for those you love most 🙌🏽


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