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The juggle struggle

To the moms, I see you. 🙌🏽

To non-moms, instead of mistakenly looking at motherhood as a weakness (and something that will negatively impact our career and commitment to our work), consider it as a major strength.

We problem solve from when those kids wake up until they are out the door for school.

We teach and engage our kids in critical thinking to problem solve with them.

We are pros at getting a lot of things done with excellence with competing deadlines (birthdays, managing household things, making sure each child as the right size clothing and shoes as they grow in advance).

We have practiced internal emotional regulation many times before 8am - again, see above in getting the kids out the door.

We have a TON of patience. We have been required to get more patient because toddlers are irrational beings.

We have a TON of passion for our work AND our families.

Don’t underestimate mothers at work.

To the moms🙌🏽


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