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Work life balance

Parenting 3 kids while working and doing your best at those things and prioritizing your self care is challenging.

The way I do it or the way you do it isn’t the way someone else will do it. We all have different resources, support systems and lifestyle desires.

The point is to find the way that works for YOU at this time in your life.


And then do something slightly different.

I’m changing up my mornings this week to see if something else will work for me: meditation. Have you tried it? I’m going to give it a shot again.

I want my oldest daughter to see that we can live a life full of joy and alignment. It’s not without challenges, but they are challenges we can learn from and overcome.

This is us freezing our behinds off as we walked on rocks on the beach.

And we loved every second of it, except the freezing part.


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