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Working Moms

When you shame working mothers and say we’re short-sighted about our careers, we’re going to speak up. When you say and suggest that women lawyers who are mothers don’t invest in their careers or their development, don’t mentor other lawyers, and don’t want to put the time into developing relationships with colleagues and clients, we’re going to speak out. Because we know these are dangerous lies. There have been many conversations around the article “Are women lawyers paying enough attention to upward mobility,” since it was published in the ABA Journal on June 29. It contained such unfair and false assumptions, generalizations, and perpetuated negative stereotypes about lawyers who are mothers and working parents. It espouses views that are out of touch with the modern woman lawyer and working mother. This week’s episode of the Humble Rising Podcast is my response to the article. And if you’re reading this, don’t believe the lie that you have to choose between career success and motherhood/parenthood. Don’t believe the lie that it’s our fault as women that we’re underrepresented in law firm leadership, partnership, and in other ways in the profession. There are systemic and structural changes that must occur. Don’t believe the lie that you cannot create your own definition of success and work-life integration. There is no singular, right way to do it. Listen to this episode wherever you get your podcasts or click the link below. And yes, I’ve been fired up about this for a while. I still am.


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