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Life and High-Performance Coaching

Are you at a career or personal crossroads and struggling to get clarity and take action on what you most want and need in this season/stage of life?

Have you been feeling like "this can't be all there is" or "I thought I'd feel fulfilled and happy by now" but you don't feel the way you thought you expected?

Or, have you been craving more joy, work-life alignment and self-care?  

If this is you, I hear you. I've been there. I've coached ambitious, high-achieving women who have asked themselves these questions too.


You're in the right place.

I've coached women executives, Big Law lawyers, and other women in fast-paced workplaces on navigating these questions and taking steps to create the change they really want and need most.

As your coach, I'm not here to judge you. I'm here to support and challenge you with compassion. I 'm here to help you hold yourself to the higher standard you have for yourself in career and life - a standard that always comes back to whether you're living in accordance with your values, who you are and what matters most to you.

We work through what's holding you back and how to move forward with clear intention, action and experimentation to see what works best for you. It can be messy and difficult at times -- to finally do the thing you've been longing to do and facing the truth of things, but that's why I'm here.  I'm here as your coach to go through all of it with you. 

Here are just some of the many benefits you'll experience with coaching:

  • Identify your personal roadblocks and barriers

  • Amplify your Self-Agency for the controllables, and learn to let go of the uncontrollable

  • Build your confidence by doing things you haven't done before, through experimentation and action

  • Manage your energy so you're less stressed and tired all the dang time

  • Work towards clearly defined personal and professional goals with an action plan and strategies to achieve it

  • Implement lasting, positive changes in your life, allowing you to continually grow and trust that you have the capability to direct the course of your life.

Everyone's journey is different, so my coaching offerings meet you where you're at:

  • Single Strategy Coaching Sessions: I offer these single sessions only several times per year. Think of this as a master strategy session on a specific issue or decision you're grappling with. This is a longer session, typically an hour and half to two hours. The intention is to get you more clarity, to reach a decision (if that's what you want and need), and to create an action plan you will execute after our call. I love these sessions because they can give you exactly what you need in a shorter period of time. Sign up for my email list to learn when slots open.

  • Coaching Programs: These programs are for clients who need to go deeper, and want ongoing support and accountability to reach specific goals. These are 6-week and 3-month coaching programs that leverage all my proprietary frameworks and models. If you're ready to invest in yourself, schedule a call by clicking the button below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because I know you may have questions about coaching, check out this list of frequently asked questions and answers.


  • What is coaching?
    Coaching is partner in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires a person to maximize their personal and professional potential. More specifically, coaching is about having an accountability and support parter to help you reach a certain result or goal. True coaching can be found in supporting clients through all the obstacles and challenges that get in the way from getting what they want. Challenges could be their own beliefs they need to unpack and unlearn or a lack of boundaries with work and people in their lives. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of deep wisdom, imagination, and leadership. As coaches, we believe clients have everything they need already inside - it's our job to help you become aware of it, learn from it, own it and take action because of it. The client/coach relationship is also confidential, per the code of ethics for coaches.
  • Who can benefit from coaching?
    Anyone can benefit from a coach. Whether you're feeling stuck in life, seeking personal growth, exploring career paths, or wanting to enhance your performance in a particular area, a life and career coach can provide the support you need.
  • What is the difference between a coach and a therapist?
    While both can be beneficial, they serve different roles. Therapists primarily focus on helping individuals deal with the past (i.e., childhood, trauma, etc.), emotional distress, and/or mental health issues, whereas coaches are more future-oriented, helping clients set and reach goals in their personal lives and careers.
  • What kind of coaching do you offer?
    This always depends on what a client needs. This is why we schedule discovery calls - so I can understand what you're looking to achieve with coaching. Maybe you need support in reprioritizing yourself and treating yourself with more love and kindness. Maybe you're at a career inflection point and aren't sure whether to stay or leave your job, or find another option. Or you could be undergoing a life transition (hello motherhood) and you feel uneasy, stressed, or uncertain about how to navigate the transition and get back to feeling good. We focus on what you need and want to achieve most.
  • How long does a typical coaching session last, and how often should we meet?
    For coaching with me, the duration of a session depends on whether we're going longer single-strategy coaching sessions or a coaching package. The longer single-sessions are typically an hour and a half to two hours. The sessions in a longer-term coaching package are one hour every other week.
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