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Empowering Success Stories from Women of Color and First-Generation Women Leaders

Hear from Our Clients:

At Arivee Vargas Coaching, we are passionate about helping women of color and first-generation women leaders unlock their full potential and create the life they deserve. But don't just take our word for it! Discover the transformative experiences and success stories shared by our clients:


Merilin C.

“Battling against mental fog (maintaining clarity) brought me to Arivee. A newly minted professional, my intuitive instincts seemed to be at odds with the culture and examples of success at my first job. The people pleaser in me wanted to oblige and do everything necessary to succeed, but this, I came to realize through our conversations, was inherently at odds with my deeply entrenched desire to live life freely and set necessary boundaries. Arivee is more than just a brilliant sounding board and dynamic personality, her thoughtful coaching approach (marrying Socratic method with intuitive listening and much more) makes me instantly comfortable. I am most thankful for her introducing me to gratitude practice. It has dramatically shifted my mood and allows me to remain steadily grounded during 2020's turbulent times and beyond.”

Jen B.

“I was really feeling stuck about where I should go with my career, should I stay or should I leave my current role and if I chose to leave what would I even do. I really love the job I have but worried about being stifled from getting to the next level and how much I had invested over the years that was maybe taking away from the life I had/could have had outside of work. A big question I had was what time, if any, would be the right time to make a leap and how would I know it's the right thing to do/I'd enjoy a new job as much as I love the one I am in. The big a-ha moment for me was learning about some of the traits I had and how those traits not only impacted me professionally (what would be the jobs that made me tick if I chose to leave) but how they played a role in my life personally. I often think of those things now both at work but also at home and it's really helped me understand the things that are important to me and that make me feel good about things both at work and outside of work.”

Ali L.

“When I sought out Arivee, I was struggling to balance all of my goals and interests. I was overwhelmed and not accomplishing anything because I lacked clarity and focus. I kept thinking myself in circles. Arivee not only helped me to see the truth I had deep down inside me, but helped me write my own permission slip. Working with Arivee helped me realize that I was letting fears hold me back and wasn’t standing in my truth. The clarity she helped me achieve allowed me to feel excited about and confident in moving forward with creating the life I have been dreaming for myself.”
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You're Ready Now.

You'll never feel ready. Being ready is a decision. Your new start can begin now. You deserve a life and career that makes you feel good - the Nina Simone-kind-of-good. No more waiting. Let's connect to work together.

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