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Do you know the difference?

How is mentoring different from coaching?

A mentor gives you advice. A coach doesn’t. Coaches believe you have the greatest source of wisdom inside of you. You just might not realize it, yet.

A mentor shares their personal experience or those they know to help you navigate your career or a situation. Coaching is never about the coach’s story. It’s all about you and your relationship with the story you’re telling us.

A mentor is typically an expert in their field or has had significant experience in an area you’re interested in or working in already. Coaches don’t necessarily have to be in that position. Coaches are certified in how to coach, how to raise your awareness and bring what’s in the subconscious to the conscious mind, challenge (kindly) your perspective and the beliefs that may hold you back, and help you move forward to achieve a specific outcome you desire like:

👉🏽improving your work-life integration including prioritizing self-care

👉🏽career development and career clarity

👉🏽big transitions like being a new parent or a new job

👉🏽how to be a more effective and impactful leader

👉🏽inflection points/crossroads: when you need support figuring out which way to go and how to move forward in your career or your personal life. Many refer to this as feeling “stuck”, uncertain or confused.

(And there is so much more!)

The bulk of the work coaches focus on is helping clients navigate the obstacles they encounter, and how they view those obstacles and what is possible for themselves.

For instance, my coaching requires clients to be open to the possibility of believing that they have the power to have the life and career they want and deserve. We work on that belief a lot and it shows up differently with each person and situation.

Check out the latest Humble Rising podcast episode to learn more about what coaching is and is not.

Listen here: or whereever you get your podcasts.


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