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How to feel alive again

When we talk about well-being and self-care, we often highlight rest and relaxation. We don’t talk enough about rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation is about feeling invigorated and alive.

This is especially true for my moms out there who often tell me they dont know how to get back to who they were.

It’s not that you want to go backwards, it’s that you now miss the time you spent with certain people (and yourself) and the things you enjoyed and did in a carefree way.

You may not have had to schedule it before, but you do now.

And you have more responsibilities than before with work and home (even if you have a true partner at home).

Just as much as you need to rest, get sleep, have time alone, not to be so dang stressed all the time…you need to make time again to do things that are fun, things that make you laugh and things you enjoy.

You need to make time to be with your favorite people who make you feel alive and energized.

You will not find the space or time to do it. You have to create it.

Rejuvenation is the bucket many of us need to pour into the most. Listen to this episode to understand why and how you can make it happen:


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