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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Rejuvenation is about being with people and doing things that energize you and make you feel lit up in your soul.

This isn’t woo woo. It’s real.

It is just as important as rest and relaxation because it helps you feel like YOU.

And no one can do it for you.

You must claim it and schedule it to make it happen.

I recently went for a horseback ride on a trail in the mountains. I counted 15 butterflies - all different colors, and two families of deer, including a few babies. And my boy Jack (the horse pictured here) waded his way through mud and a few streams along the trail.

Horseback riding in nature in this way was pure joy. I was present without distraction taking it all in. My spirit felt so alive.

Experiences like this are part of my rejuvenation formula.

You could also:

- Try something new like a cardio drumming class (look it up - so much fun)

- Go back to doing something you used to love and enjoy (dance, instrument, a sport)

- Do something spontaneous

- Carve out extra time with good friends

- Make the time to reflect on how it’s going and what needs to shift to be more in alignment, you feel off misaligned in this season of life

Today, I start my intentional summer break from the Humble Rising podcast and social media.

While I will miss connecting with all of you, I’ll be back soon at the end of September ready to get into the swing of things again.

To your rejuvenation and giving yourself what you truly need. ❤️


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