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Sunday Reflections

It’s often easier to only focus on what we didn’t do, didn’t finish, or didn’t start this past week.

What if we took a minute to acknowledge all we did do, including all the things that aren’t on the to-do list—-like that phone call or text chat with a good friend, that uninterrupted conversation you had with your partner, grandparent, or child where you laughed and enjoyed each other, or the time you gave yourself to read or just be still and present.

There’s a lot that remains unfinished and plenty I simply didn’t get to this week. But I want to focus on what did happen:

I got to spend more 1:1 time with my almost 4-year old daughter. I started to laugh more at the ridiculous made-up songs I sing to my 10-week old. I read a little each day (currently reading Martha Beck’s The Way of Integrity) and I wrote a little each day.

I’m grateful for those moments.

What’s one thing you can celebrate you did or experienced this week?


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