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You have the power to love the way you live and work. 

I'm a certified executive coach for women lawyers and leaders in fast-paced environments. I'm the host of the Humble Rising Podcast and speaker focused on empowering you with evidence-based strategies and practices to create a life with more joy, fulfillment, purpose and alignment.

With over 15 years of experience as a big law litigator and Human Resources leader focused on leadership development, as first generation Latina, and mother of three, I uniquely understand the challenges and triumphs that come with paving your own life and career path while also having a family. I’m inspired to help women to create harmony between work, self-care, and relationships so they can feel less stress, confusion and overwhelm and more feel aliveness, alignment and confidence in how they're living. 

Hi! It's me,
Arivee Vargas


I host the Humble Rising Podcast that features conversations with powerful women leaders, including women of color and first-generation women leaders, and my actionable strategies on how we can create fulfilling lives and careers.  

What to Expect 

Snag Mindfulness and Intention Setting Exercises, and a Cheers to Your Monthly Wins (yes, monthly) because we don't honor and celebrate all we do enough!

To become more aware and present in your life.

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I provide customized and evidence-based coaching to help women who've been in the corporate or legal game for a hot minute navigate how to create a life and career that aligns with they truly are, their values, priorities and what they really  want in their current season of life.  My coaching places a massive emphasis on time freedom and self-care to prevent burnout that is too common for women leaders and working mothers. Book a 30-minute call to see if coaching is right for you!

Life and High-Performance™️ Coaching