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My little guy came home with this love letter to me. 🥹 It says he’s sending me abundance, love, peace, happiness and more.

The abundance though. That word…..

It has so much meaning to me.

It means I look for the good, for what’s going right, for what I have and for how far I’ve come.

I look for the joy in the moment.

I used to always have a not enough mindset (the scarcity mindset).

Nothing was ever enough for me.

Yes, I’m still on a learning and growing journey. We all are.

We’re all trying to figure it out and doing the best we can.

But being a mama of 3, working, coaching, podcasting, taking care of my well-being (my priority next to my kids) is challenging.

Every. Single. Day.

And I love the perspective of abundance.

It is that perspective that I have all I need.

And there’s nothing to achieve in this season other than appreciating life and further leaning into my strengths and my passions.

No more boxes to check.

What we appreciate, certainly does appreciate.

To you feeling and experiencing all the abundance, love, joy and peace this universe has to offer you.

And to my moms out there: you’re doing a good job ❤️I see you.


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