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I want to live in the abundance of my life without feeling shame and guilt, and that’s what they (my parents) would want me to do. - Constanza Cabello, Ed.D.

This👇🏽is one page of my notes when I was feverishly writing down the wisdom Connie was sharing, including the statement above, as we recorded our podcast episode.

Don’t judge my nearly illegible writing.

As I listened to Connie as we recorded, I needed to write down what she was saying at that moment, because I was feeling every single word.

Check out the rest of the notes below and listen to the episode, and you’ll understand why.

The struggle mentality doesn’t have to be your mindset anymore.

We can embark on a journey to live in our abundance.

It’s possible for you.

Listen to the episode with Connie on the Humble Rising podcast here: or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.


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