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Accepting what you can’t control…

When my son was a baby, he got sick with his 5th ear infection. No medication was working and he still had a fever. I had to get him back to the doctor, but I was defending a deposition that day. I couldn’t miss it. I’m lucky my mom was able to take him. She doesn’t live very close so that involved coordinating with her and getting myself back into the right mindset for how I needed to show up that day. No matter how much we plan, the unexpected happens. Your day can often look very different than what you intended. You can’t control if your kid gets sick the very day you have that critical meeting or event. You can’t control being sent that email or prevent that call you’ll get. You can’t control other people or what happens out there in the world. And you can’t control your kids (is it bad I wish I could sometimes 😬?) That’s ok. Let’s just focus on what we can control today. We can decide to pause, and not be reactive. We can be intentional with how we respond in the moment. We can decide to put good energy back into world and give people positive energy, because that’s exactly what we will get back. We get to decide our response. We get to decide what to do with what’s in the sphere of our control. To you handling the unexpected this week.❤️ (P.S. My son ended up getting ear tube surgery twice and his tonsils out eventually!) #mindset #parenting #womenempowerment


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