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What’s your biggest accomplishment? Don’t underestimate the power of loving and liking yourself and how you live life, as the most profound achievement you can work towards. I’m still on the journey.

As a first generation Latina (and maybe just as a person growing up in the U.S.), I was conditioned to believe that accomplishments were what you saw on the outside, the traditional and capitalistic markers of success of achieving the American dream: job providing financial security and stability, job title, money, owning a home, etc.

Nothing is wrong with those things. Get paid. Make money. Get the job of your dreams. Buy a home if you want to.

What I found is that the material things and job title is such a minor piece of what gives me meaning in life. I focus more on the way I experience life, the way I work, interact, treat others and myself, and the positive impact I can make on women and those around me.

But I’ve been unlearning false narratives of what “accomplishment” means for years.

So Dominican actress Zoe Saldana’s words are 🔥 and hit me hard.


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