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Alignment and Balance

If you’re wondering what aligning career, passion, purpose and who you truly are looks like, my friend Betty Francisco (she/her/hers) is a shining example. I’ve known Betty for years. She was one of the first Latina lawyers I ever met. When seeing the different shifts and moves she’s made, I remember always thinking how courageous, purposeful, and grounded she was. Betty is a community leader, advocate, lawyer, seasoned business executive, investor, entrepreneur and more. She was just named one of the most influential leaders in Boston this year, and she’s one of the 2020 Power 50 She inspires communities of color and the Latinx community in particular to believe in themselves, and helps them to earn the financial and strategic support they need to succeed. Anyone who knows Betty knows she leads with love, service, and a deep sense of community and purpose. I’m so thrilled you get to learn more about her on this week’s episode of the Humble Rising podcast. We talk about her upbringing, how’s she’s aligning career with passion and purpose, entrepreneurship, money management, economic justice and more. Listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts or check out the link


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