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An idea…

Three years ago, my husband had an idea. He started working on it late at night. He’d work his full-time job, and after he and I put the kids to bed, he’d work on his idea.

At that time, he told me he had an idea about how to eliminate the racial wealth gap by increasing participation of the Black community in the stock market.

He asked if I’d support him working fully on this idea at night and weekends.

I said yes. He worked tirelessly on this through the pandemic.

He left his job to be a full-time entrepreneur.

Through it all, he had many ups and downs.

But he stayed the course.

To say entrepreneurship is difficult is a gross understatement. It takes tenacity, determination, incredible self-belief and the belief in the mission of what you’re doing.

Because there are sacrifices and Trevor has made many. So have we as a family.

Fast forward three years, Trevor’s company Stackwell sponsored HBCU night in New Orleans this weekend where the New Orleans Pelicans played the Washington Wizards.

Black sororities and fraternities participated and threw down at the halftime show.

Check it out below.

I’m so proud of my husband and the Stackwell team.

Who would have thought that an idea three years ago would become this and there’s still so much more to do.

Sky’s the limit Trevor Rozier-Byrd.


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