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An open letter to our daughters…

In August 2017, I wrote a letter to my then-newborn daughter on my phone in the middle of the night after she’d gone to sleep.

I had a lot on my mind and was worried about the world she’d been born into.

I needed her to know what I wished and hoped for her, and what to remember, especially when she was struggling.

Although I knew she wouldn’t be able to read it then and won’t for a while, she’ll read it one day.

But in reading this letter again recently, I realized this isn’t just a message for my daughter.

It’s for all the other Black and Latinx girls like her.

It’s for all girls.

And it’s for all women including myself.

That’s why I wanted to share it on this week’s episode of the Humble Rising podcast.

Listen to it wherever you get your podcasts or see the link below.

May we continue to step fully into all we’re capable of.

May we continue to understand our worth and live our lives fully owning it.

May we champion each other and use our voices to take up space, to fight for what’s just and right, and to be truly seen and heard. 👊🏽

Listen for more here:


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