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Asking for support

Text from husband (who is traveling for work) earlier today: Our sewer line is broken. It’s unusable. Have to stay at hotel with the kids.

I was concluding a meeting at the time and turned my attention to everything I’d need to do.

There is nothing I could do to change the fact that this happened but I could control how I responded.

My immediate to do list was:

✅research and book hotel for me and the kids (everything is pricey right now)

✅head back home to pack my stuff and the kids’ stuff

✅pack food for the hotel and for kids’ lunch for tomorrow

✅meet my mom so she can take my 2 year old with her

✅call my father who was here when the guys came to unclog our line (again) and told us it’s now broken

✅text my husband that we got the hotel and we’re all set.

✅pick up the kids, tell them what happened (my son was a bit worried but we made it through), and take them to dinner 👇🏽We snapped a picture in front of a mural on the way there.

Did you catch all that though? It’s not just me. My parents helped me. My husband couldn’t be there this morning, so my dad came. My mother took my 2-yr old so I’d lose my mind less.

Moms: we have to ask for support. This is also how we are able to deal with the unexpected.

We cannot do this alone and we were never supposed to.


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