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At a crossroad in life?

If you’re at any kind of crossroads in your personal or professional life, this podcast episode is for you. It’s about the questions we ask ourselves when something isn’t right, when our lives aren’t what we expected they’d be, or when we aren’t as happy as we thought we’d be.

Powerhouse coach and former lawyer Navneet Mann explains:

- Why holding onto to certain identifies can hold you back and limit what you believe about yourself and what you can do

- How to figure out what you want out of life and your career

- How to harness the power of choice

- Why we continue to need control even when letting go would better serve us

- The impact of making our decisions based on what we think people think of us.

Get ready to take notes. You don’t have to be a lawyer for what’s shared to apply to you.

Be honest with yourself as you listen.

DM Nav your takeaways or questions! Or drop it in the comments below.

Listen to the episode here:

or listen wherever you get your favorite podcasts🙌🏽


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