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Be Bold

You were never meant to play small.

You were always meant to take up space.

To speak your mind.

To wear red, hot pink, yellow and whatever other color that makes you feel amazing.

To wear hoops and hot pink dangly earrings instead of studs because big earrings are professional too.

You were always meant to be everything your ancestors could never have even dreamed of (or your parents).

You were always meant to claim what you want and deserve.

To live in alignment with your values and what’s most important to you in this season of life.

To love yourself so deeply you make your well-being YOUR priority.

You were always meant to evolve, grow and heal.

You were always meant to be on the journey you are on right now.

It’s uncertain.

You can’t predict the outcome; you never can because the journey is ongoing.

But you were meant to navigate this path.

And you are meant to feel joy, freedom, peace and meaning in your life.

You are meant to feel alive.

I’m going to keep saying it until you believe it and start taking small steps to make it real.

To you finding your joy in this season of life🙌🏽

It’s possible. I’m an example of it, as are many other women I’ve worked with. Listen to the Humble Rising podcast to learn how you can do it too:


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