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Confidence is Key

There is often a deep desire to be seen for who we are and all we offer, and a co-existing fear of actually being seen in that way. What will people think? Will they judge me? Will they think I’m too much? How we dress and how we show up in our day affects how we’re seen and how we see ourselves. This week’s guest on the Humble Rising Podcast, Image coach and speaker Solita C. Roberts believes it’s an act of self-care and self-love to show up as you are and own it. Our clothes are an expression of that and one way we can celebrate ourselves in a positive way. In this conversation we talk about why and how to shift our mindset and address the thoughts that don’t serve us to get us closer to being authentically and unapologetically us. And if you’re wondering why this matters if you’re working remotely or not in the office much yet, I ask Solita about that (and about weekend clothes for women especially moms). This is about so much more than the clothes themselves! To listen, click the link below or find the podcast on your favorite podcast streaming platform.


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