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Council for Women of Boston College

Never underestimate the power of a group of women with a mission to support and empower other women.

Last night was the Council for Women of Boston College’s 20 year celebration dinner.

BC was one of my most formative experiences - It’s what the college experience should be for first gen Latinas like me. I asked for and was offered support, a community, opportunities to dig deep into who I was and who I wanted to be, opportunities to serve my community, and opportunities to grow in every way -mentally, spiritually, academically.

I found people like me who felt at that time that they weren’t Dominican or Latina “enough” but not American “enough” and who understood just how harmful that narrative can be to our beliefs about what we are capable of and whether we belong.

I found people who understood the unique perspective you have when your parents weren’t born and raised here.

I also found people very different from me and learned to be open to new perspectives. I learned what it means to be a person with purpose and for service.

This is what makes BC special. This emphasis on community and giving back and serving others. And when you have a group of women at the helm… well, anything is possible!

Thank you to all the trailblazing women of the council. Thanks to Kathleen M. Mcgillycuddy for her commitment and leadership over the past 20 years!

I left feeling energized, inspired and grateful to be part of this powerhouse council of women who focus on advancing other women.🙌🏽

To my friend Leah M. Spencer, who is one of my favorite people at BC, we are grateful for the work you and the team do at BC.

Go Eagles🦅


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