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Dedication + Inspiration

Every single late night our future SCOTUS Justice worked tirelessly and juggled her career and motherhood…. Because as we know there is a juggle, there is no work life “balance”.

And every time she probably told her daughter she could be anything she wanted to be….

A moment like this arrives….

The judge’s daughter sees her mom role modeling everything she’s told and taught her.

She is giving her mom that look that says: That’s MY mother right there and I’m so proud of her. You go mom!

Oh and just in case you missed it: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be the most qualified and credentialed justice on the SCOTUS full stop - check your facts people.👏🏽 and that says a lot because Justice Kagan and Sotomayor are heavy hitting too.🙌🏽

Photo captured by @sbmaneyphoto 💗


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