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Episode 21 Transcript

Episode 21: Learning and Growing from our Mistakes

Arivee: Hi I'm Arivee Vargas and I believe we're also powerful beyond our wildest imaginations. We have the ability to overcome the fears, self-doubt, negative beliefs and all the other roadblocks that hold us back from having the life and career we really want and deserve.

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That's why I created the Humble Rising podcast. I want to help you get clear on what a joyful and fulfilling life and career looks like for you and help you go after it with all you have. Each week we'll talk to badass inspirational woman of color sharing their journeys. Think of them as your mentors will dig into their successes, failures, challenges the different shifts and pivots in their careers and personal lives and so much more leave with actionable strategies for making your own shifts in your life that gets you to where you want to go and help you become who you most want to be. Be inspired. Get motivated and get ready to rise. This is the Humble Rising podcast.

My friends, the first season of the Humble Rising podcast is now officially done. It's done and it's exciting and I want to take this time right now to thank all of the guests, all of the amazing women who I interviewed. I wanna thank them for coming onto the podcast. And I wanna thank all of you for listening. And as I thought about this season coming to an end, it made me think not just about what the greatest takeaways were, but the entire journey of creating the podcast, doing the podcast every week. I started this podcast because I wanted to amplify the voices of women of color who can inspire you, who you can see yourselves in, who's lived experiences show you all the paths you can take and show you what's possible to expose you to that. To give you access to that and show you the different ways to navigate challenges and obstacles and learn from them on how they figured things out right and how they're still figuring it out. I really do think of them as your circle of mentors who you may not know personally. But they've gotten personal with us on the podcast, right? And then that way, you're you're really familiar with their stories and who they are and how they've navigated life and career. And you hopefully can see you, your experiences and their experiences and them and their words in their journeys and what they share with you.

What I also hope is that you've gotten some real strategies and knowledge you can apply and that you've been able to apply all that in your own life so you can move towards that state of thriving. Instead of you feeling like you're just trying to make it to the next day and then the next day in getting by right. It's really about living your life with meaning, with joy and with fulfillment. I'm not saying every day is sunshine and rainbows like you know that I'm not saying that. I'm not talking about being devoid of challenges and hard times and not having to work through some serious bumps in the road and some serious roadblocks or even straight up brick walls. We're gonna have to face and deal with hard things, right? Hard things come with being out in this world and experiencing it, and I'm not talking about physical safety, food, shelter or those basic necessities. On Maslow's hierarchy of needs. OK, I'm not talking about hard things that relate to those basic needs for I'm talking about the hard things, once you've had those basic needs met and you're trying to reach that self-actualization part right 'cause hard things could come from grief, from the loss of a loved one, you know, grief from the loss of time spent with family and friends during the pandemic. It could be the challenge of deciding whether to stay or go in your job. When you love everything about the place and the people that you just know there's something more, you know there's something more that's align with who you are, the gifts you're meant to share. The skills you want to develop or it's a different set of factors that you've been thinking about as you. Work through some of those really thorny career decisions. I mean, you know, I think clarity regarding what you want helps you navigate those situations more easily, but it can still feel frustrating. And you can still feel a ton of fear and self-doubt about those kinds of decisions, but hard things could be the everyday challenges. It could be the everyday challenge of integrating your work with your personal life, whether you have children or not, and depending on their ages, right 'cause that's a big factor, as if you have younger children, if you have older children. But if you do have children especially on the younger side, it could be how do we navigate our identities as women of color working in these environments? Often fast-paced environments or in certain professions, how do you navigate that? And being a mom and being part of that first generation of your family? In this country with those experiences, if that's the case for you, right, these experiences that are understood only when they are lived only when they're lived. OK, so there are challenges and obstacles, and I'm hoping that what you're learning and what you've learned and listen to this podcast helps you navigate those things just a bit better that it's taught you something you didn't know before that it caused you to realize something you didn't know before that you didn't realize before that it caused you to take some action, even if that.

Action is a tiny step toward that thing that you said you wanted, or that you say you want or something about what you learned during this season. Listen to the podcast has led you to do something that you are scared to go after. You are scared to pursue, and I hope you feel and know that you have the capability, and you have the power to create what you want your life to be and who you want to be. Look, it may not all happen at once. OK, you may not be able to do everything right now in this moment, but you can focus on what's most important right now and focus on doing that and being that you can envision what you want and move towards it. Step by step by step. Those steps accumulate overtime. That's what causes the result. That's what produces the result.

You're always in the driver seat. I know. It doesn't seem like that all the time, but you are. You don't have to stay where you are. You can decide where to go next and who to be next. But you have to take action to get there, and you know, it may not always be a smooth ride, but it's a ride that's so worth taking to get where you say you wanna be, you gotta go through the traffic, the bumper-to-bumper traffic, which no one, you know, no one likes that. It's so slow, you feel like you aren't getting anywhere. You're not making progress and it's very easy to lose your patience in those moments. But then you take a minute, take a breath, and next thing you know, you hit a nice stretch of cars moving at a speed that feels like you're really picking up some speed and you're getting closer to that found destination, right? Because our careers and our lives are not linear. You're gonna have starts and stops and pauses. You're gonna have redirection's. You're gonna have parts of your journey. With high acceleration and growth and parts of the journey where you feel like you're slogging through mud and you're going at a much slower pace. And I wanna challenge you not to wait until something happens for you to realize it's time to get real with yourself and for you to assess where you're at. Understand where you're really at and think about what you want your life to look like and who you wanna be. You might say you don't have time to stop and think about all this. I actually heard that a lot. I don't have time for this. That's what I hear. But you know how to create the time for the things you have to do. You do it already. Every single day. You can take the time to pause and assess and give yourself the permission to think about what you want in the future, what you want for you, because what's going on now will not be what's necessarily going on in six months or a year or five years or frankly, five weeks. You're always navigating new waters. You're always going to be steering the ship. A bit differently and you know what? That's probably one of my favorite takeaways from this season of the podcast that there are these twists and turns, ups and downs, you know, rejections can be re directions, taking risks, making mistakes and falling on our faces can lead to such a immense growth and learning what you want today may not be what you want in five years, and that is part of the journey because we're growing and we're evolving and growth happens in that zone of discomfort that you allow yourself to move. Through to achieve what you've given yourself, the permission to have now.

Throughout the season, I've provided key takeaways after each episode and as you know, it was always difficult for me to limit my takeaways to three. I always had, you know, seven or ten takeaways. So, you can always go back and review those takeaways and listen to those episodes again, because right now, believe it or not, I have gotten my season one takeaways down to three. Yes, three, not 10, as is my usual style. So here we go. These are my top three takeaways from this season. The first is you must confront yourself if you want to get clarity on who you are and what you want. It takes no less than self-confrontation. That is courtesy of Professor and coach Tosin Richard. Number two, you are dope AF. And I'm not saying that word because I don't have to put explicit next to the episode on the platform. But you are dope AF. You have to believe that you are dope to know you deserve the abundance and the success that you've had. Let you will have remember you define success on your own terms, that is courtesy of career strategist and confidence coach Jasmine Escalera. And lastly the third one. You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion. I freaking love that, and I've talked about it before, so I'm not gonna rehash that, but that is from activist and attorney and my friend Bianca Ford. With that that's a wrap on the first season of the podcast.

Thank you again so so much for listening and for all of your messages to me about you feeling seen with the podcast you feeling heard and how helpful it's been for you, I really can't tell you how much I appreciate your words and how much I appreciate your feedback. You can always DM me on LinkedIn or Instagram. It’s @herhumblerising or @ariveevargas on Instagram. And as for season 2, we're going to be breaking down the season into different themes for you all. So, we're going to be talking about self-identity, confidence and partial syndrome, self-worth, money management, mind management, leadership and a lot more. It all starts next week, so stay tuned until then. You know it keeps stepping into how incredibly powerful you are. You are more than capable. You are more than worthy. You got this.

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Thanks so much for listening. Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast so you don't miss one single episode. If you want my bi-weekly doses of inspiration, motivation and coaching tips. Click the link in the show notes to subscribe and if you've asking yourself how to figure out that next step in your career or you’re at a career crossroads, I've got a career clarity guide just for you. Check out the show notes for the link. Until next time, my friends keep stepping into how incredibly powerful you are. You got this.

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