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Feeling our Feelings

My son has been working on understanding his feelings and reframing thoughts that aren’t helpful to him. He gets scared of natural disasters although the probability of us experiencing one is very low because of where we live. He doesn’t want me to go to boxing because he’s afraid I’ll get hurt (sweet but mom can handle it).

He’s also working on identifying the feelings of mad, sad, stress and all the co-existing feelings of joy and hope. When we do our gratitude journal at night he often circles the emojis that mean feeling ok, feeling sad, feeling happy— yes all of them.

Because that’s his experience sometimes — he feels a lot of feelings—and adults aren’t that different.

I’m doing my best at intentional parenting and to help my kids with their social emotional well being, and sometimes pictures like the below remind me to check in with my own feelings.

I write them down. I get them out of me to create space for other things. I hold onto what helps and do my best to slowly over time let go of what doesn’t. It’s a practice, there aren’t shortcuts.

So, ask yourself today: how are you feeling? How are you living?

Write it down if you can and process it. And see what happens. See how you feel.

To your well-being today and everyday ❤️


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