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“Feeling Ready”

No matter how much analyzing you do, you’re not going to “feel ready”. You’ll put off changes big and small because you have to “focus on other things” that you know deep down are distractions. You’re distracting yourself from the changes your body and spirit have been signaling you to make.

But you’ll never be truly ready for the change. Ask anyone whose changed jobs or had a baby. Not the same but you get the idea.

With change comes discomfort and uncertainty, fear, there are risks and loads of benefits (at the very least benefits to your own growth).

But don’t put changes you know you need to make or put off conversations you need to have with yourself or others until you feel “ready.” You won’t feel ready.

You’ve been thinking long enough. You need to move into action. Now.

My job as a coach is to challenge you with love, kindness and compassion. I see you over there ruminating. I know it feels hard. You can take a first step while holding space for yourself. You can do this. Think of how proud your future self will be.🙌🏽


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