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Finding peace

Where is the place you can always go and feel peaceful?

For me it’s always been the ocean. No surprise because I’m a water sign. I used to think I needed to live on the ocean to feel calm and peaceful.

But the truth is, calmness is generated from within. We aren’t going to find a steady and consistent calmness within if it’s always dependent on physically being somewhere else.

Stillness is generated from within. Just like energy is. We are our own generators. People and places definitely help, but they aren’t the sole answer.

So how can we feel peace in the season we are in right now? What do you need to do to make space for that? I know you have end of year deadlines at work, but what about after that?

Moms: I’m talking to you too with all these lists of to-dos we have! The holidays can feel rushed and hectic. What can you take OFF your list so you have more space for you?

To you finding a sense of calm and peace within yourself this holiday season and beyond.


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