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Finding Your Courage

At some point we all have to decide how we want to live and work. For ourselves. Not what the mom over there is doing, what someone you admire is doing or what a friend or colleague is doing. You have to decide for YOU.

And one way to bring that decision to life is living with intention. Living with intention means that you have a sense in your spirit of how you want to feel each day. You have a sense of how you want to experience life so you don’t wait for that feeling to “happen to you.” Instead, you generate that feeling for yourself.

If you can ground yourself in your intention, and how you want to feel, you’re more likely able to generate that feeling. You’re less reliant on your environment (although environment matters too) and turning inward to generate the connectedness, joy and calmness you want to feel.

Examples of my intentions throughout the week: More patient with my kids, find the calm in the storm, bring my enthusiasm to each conversation, deep listening etc.

And for the person who posted what they wished they had the courage to do👇🏽 in an ice cream shop like hundreds of others: that person’s intention would be to finally “say no.” I read that as setting boundaries.

Setting your intention for the day could be as simple as a couple of minutes each morning while brushing your teeth. Or you could write it down on a sticky note by your laptop each morning before your first task, email or meeting.

Because there will be ups and downs. Challenge and stress are expected in life and work.

But coming back to intention reminds you of the power you still have to shape how you show up for yourself and others, even when it’s hard. 🙌🏽


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