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For the joy

There’s something about horses… such power and strength.

There is a quiet calm to them.

I always wanted to ride a horse.

For years.

I finally did it today.

It was everything.

I felt at peace.

We even trotted.

Which means you have to squeeze the saddle and hold on tight.

Freedom was fittingly the name of my horse.

And when we trotted, what a feeling of freedom and joy I felt.

I kept talking to Freedom on our ride, petting him and telling him he was doing great.

He is 21 yrs old and he kept up with the younger horses in front of us.

This is one of the ways I got to recharge.

It’s one of the gifts I gave myself.

And I got to do it with my besties on a girls retiro (Spanish for retreat).

We planned this trip 4 months ago.

Carving out the time has been critical for us.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, connect with your friends and do one thing that will bring you joy.

To your joy and peace 🙌🏽


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