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I had to learn the hard way how to appreciate how far I’ve come. From the stuttering kid (yes, when I was very young I stuttered) to who I am today, there is such evolution and growth.

I’m so grateful for the young versions of myself and all they continue to teach me.

Some of the change I’ve experienced in my life was due to maturing over time, going from entry level professional to a more seasoned professional, going from no kids to 3, and significant career pivots.

Some of the change I’ve experienced was in response to the unexpected and the challenges I’ve overcome, especially as a first generation Latina who hustled for way too long until it almost broke me.

Some of the most lasting change I’ve experienced has been due to my intentional decision-making and actions, grounded in my vision, values, priorities, and sense of purpose.

Every year and at the 6-month mark, I check-in with myself to reflect on and celebrate all I did (big and small) and to shift my focus to how I want to show up for the rest of the year.

Before you know it, it will be December.

The time will pass regardless. Might as well get intentional about what we’ll focus our energy on and why.

This episode of the Humble Rising podcast walks you through the three questions to answer to do your mid-year check in and set you up for the rest of 2023.

Oh, and if you just wanted one question to focus on, I give that to you too. Because I get it. Sometimes you only have the energy for one. I see you mamas working hard out there. You got this. 🙌🏽

Listen to the episode here: or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.


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