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What if I told you that the strongest predictor of happiness and health had nothing to do with your titles, degrees, achievement, money, house, cars, the tangible things you own?

According to the longest-running happiness research study, the strongest predictor for happiness and health over a person’s life is….

Having satisfying relationships.

This includes your partner, family, friends, colleagues, even people you interact with daily.

Researchers say relationships can act like stress regulators each day. Having someone you can call, who has your back, who you can be yourself with is important for our well-being.

We sometimes neglect our relationships, but researchers say it’s never too late to reconnect.

And it’s never too late to build new relationships.

So send that text to your friend or a family member, tell your partner you love them, and plan that friends weekend.

Do it now without overthinking it.

Me and my two girls from college 👇🏽get together at least twice a year for a weekend each time. Kids stay with family or partners.

And we reconnect, talk about life and it’s a 3-day retreat with good food and conversation. We worked out together at Barry's during a recent get together.

Carving out the time to maintain these relationships has been a key part of my mental and emotional well-being.

And there are other relationships I still would like to work on in 2023.

Because we think we have more time with our favorite people than we do.

But if we wait to “have more time” to maintain and build relationships to be happy, we’ll always be waiting.

So let’s make the time now for the relationships that matter most to us.


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