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Happiness and relationships

Research says the key to happiness is quality relationships. Not money, not titles, not accolades, not any of the things we’ve been programmed to think will make us happier.

One of my most important relationships is the one with my sister Claribel Vargas.

She’s my person.

After a miscarriage late into a pregnancy in 2019, my sister was there within days to be there from Los Angeles.

We went to watch Frozen 2 in the movie theatre (one of my favorite movies for so many reasons).

Fast forward months later, I told her I’m pregnant again and she told me she was pregnant too.

The pandemic was in full force at that point.

It didn’t allow us to see each other during our pregnancies, other than one time she came to visit us.

She brought me a shirt with the trailblazer and now Madame VP Kamala Harris on it that said: The first but not the last. 🙌🏽

That’s us below with our shirts on and our growing bellies.

Fast forward again to 2021. My baby girl was born on February 11 and then her baby girl was born 6 days later.

Two primas forever connected because of the bond between their mothers.

My sister is caring, kind, intelligent, hard working, and the best mom.

She’s also a bit of a fireball. That is how we roll.🔥

I’m lucky I get to call her my sister ❤️

And her daughter is so blessed to have her as a mom.

Happy National Siblings Day!

Let’s nurture our relationships with our siblings and remind them how much they mean to us today 🙏🏽


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