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Success pales in comparison to healing. - Viola Davis in her book Finding Me

She was talking about the traditional capitalistic notion of success - i.e. money, material things, etc.

I’d add that success pales in comparison to:

- True self love and acceptance as you are right now

- Your emotional, mental and physical wellness

- Knowing what season of life you’re in and adjusting life and work to make sure you’re focused on what’s important in that season

- Showing up for yourself and your loved ones the way you truly want to

- Maintaining and strengthening deep relationships

- Doing things that make you feel energized and inspired

- Doing what gives you meaning and joy

- Living a life in integrity with your values and what’s most important to you

- Having a career you love or that serves a specific purpose in this season of your life

Because no one is living your life but you.

You have the power to decide how to live it.

Want me to show you how?

I’ll be your coach in my mastermind with women lawyers and business leaders. Learn more by signing up here:

We start in July.

Are you in?


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