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Here comes the New Year…

We're officially heading into 2021 this week. We've experienced more than we could've anticipated in 2020. There were many challenges juggling work, virtual learning for my kindergartener, finding time for myself, and maintaining a strong partnership with my husband ... and that barely scratches the surface of how 2020 went.

I also think of the awakening to the fight for racial justice and equity; COVID-19's disproportionate impact on Black and Latinx communities. Grief. Loss. Stress. Overwhelm.

Yet, I'm hopeful for 2021, mostly because it's an opportunity to decide what we want out of the new year and who we most want to be, even as the pandemic continues well into 2021.

We can't control what happens out there, but we have the power to make the tiniest shifts to redefine ourselves and how we live and work, and how we treat ourselves and each other.

How do you envision your 2021? If you're not sure where to begin with that question, try picking *one* thing you want to continue doing, *one* thing you want to start doing and *one* thing you want to stop doing. Give it a try.


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