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Hispanic Heritage

Growing up with two Dominican parents but me being born in the U.S.— I was often too different for the American kids at my elementary and middle school. When I was called a racial slur in the 4th grade by a classmate and the teacher knew and did nothing, and even when I got made fun of for eating rice and beans, I knew it wasn’t right, but dealt with that reality as part of being Dominican and Latina. I sure didn’t have the language back then to articulate how othered I felt and how complicated navigating my identity really was. It can be challenging when your school as a child has essentially zero racial and ethnic diversity. My parents understood this. They were honest with me and my sister about racism at a young age. They prepared us. I was lucky to be affirmed at home and by my loving massive extended family. And some of my friends at that young age embraced our differences too. But I always knew and felt in my bones the richness and power of our culture and community. Such resilience, strength, and perseverance. Such tireless work, struggle, and sacrifice. That siempre pa’lante attitude. So much aliveness and vibrancy. So much music and dancing. So much laughter. So much joy. So much gratitude. So much faith. So much celebration. So much love. So much PRIDE. And when I think of Latina/o/x heritage month, and what it means to me, I’m proud and humbled. Humility doesn’t mean you stay quiet and keep your head down. It means owning all you are and all you bring to the table while being anchored in your foundation, your roots, knowing whose shoulders you stand on - recognizing the progress that’s been made, the learning that is ongoing, and the work left 👏🏽to 👏🏽be 👏🏽done. It’s about understanding how my roots, my culture, my community, and my family has shaped who I am and how it lights a fire inside to be my very best. I can only hope I make them proud. 🙏🏽 Tune in to the recent episode of the Humble Rising podcast to hear more of what this months means to me. Check out the link to listen at:


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