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How far you’ve come…

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Sometimes it’s hard to see how far you’ve come in just one year. We focus so much on our day-to-day, our to-do lists and everyone who needs us, that we forget all we’ve learned and how much we’ve grown and evolved. This past year was full of changes, challenges and joy. For me, one massive change that brought joy (and exhaustion) was welcoming baby number 3. I’ve been getting schooled in juggling the personal and professional, and been learning how to ask for support and how to step up my prioritization game— it requires constant adjusting. It still does. I’ve had to work on shifting my mindset and on replacing the thought of “oh gosh, I’m failing and disappointing myself and others, and I’m not doing all the things I need to do” with this thought: “I’m learning, and I’m open to figuring this out. What can I do next?” What are your top 3 lessons from 2021? Mine are: ⭐️Carve out time for yourself to think, feel, and just be. No matter what. ⭐️Ask for the help and support you need ⭐️Take action that will get you closer to what you want and need, despite the discomfort and fear that you feel I’m digging into each of these lessons on this week’s episode of the Humble Rising podcast. Listen wherever you get your favorite podcasts or click the link below 👇🏽


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