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Introspective Power

Let’s not underestimate the power of listening to ourselves and giving ourselves what we most need in this season of life — not the season we were in years ago, or before we became parents (for my parents out there - I see you). I sometimes think of a “simpler” life “back then” but that’s not the truth, because there were absolutely challenges that I had to navigate. They just looked different. It’s our current season of life that tends to have the most impact on what we want and need to focus on (aka priorities). And what we want and need can be different things. If you’re new to a profession, a job, a new role, or you’re a new parent, or you went from 1 to 2 kids, you’re caring for a parent, or you have a child who needs additional support, those are all different seasons of life. (And then you have mini-seasons and sprints). And when some of that happens at the same time 👋🏽, it becomes more important to check in with ourselves and get clear on what we most want and need in THIS season. • What season of life are you in? • What do you most want and need right now in this season? • How do you choose when you have a long list of what you want and need? • How do you align that choice with your real daily life? This episode of the Humble Rising podcast tackles how we can approach these questions and answer them with radical honesty to give you clarity and a way forward. 🙌🏽 To listen, go to your favorite podcast app or click this link 👉🏽


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