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Law Mamas

You don’t have to choose between being a lawyer and a mom. You can be both and anything else you’d like to be. You can go after what you really want in your career and your life. You can create your own path. And you don’t have to continue to wonder how to start figuring out what that path looks like for you. You can start exploring it now. Fellow mom and lawyer Megan Whiteside created the Mom Life and Law Leadership Forum for lawyer moms who want to join a dynamic small group looking to figure things out just like you. If you want clarity on where you are and where you want to be, break through what could be holding you back, and move into courageous action, this forum is for you. I’m thrilled to join this forum as a guest coach to help you get that clarity and pursue the life that’s true for you. I’ll also be joined by phenomenal guest coaches like Jamie Spannhake and Vanessa P. Kuljis. Let’s do this! Click the link below for more info.


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