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Lessons of 2023

What I’ve learned about juggling motherhood, career, and all the things.

👉🏽 Plan ahead (year, quarter, month, week and day) so that when the unexpected happens like a sick child, it doesn’t completely throw me off

👉🏽Ask for help. Don’t wait until it’s bad. This is still a bit hard for me because I was raised by strong Dominican parents and aunts who to me were superhuman growing up. They got it done and I never knew how hard and stressful it was for them until I got older.

👉🏽Pick the right partner. Your partner shares responsibility for your kids. They don’t babysit your children. Their JOB is to help with lunches, pick up and drop off, help with bedtime, having fun with the kids, and all the things. Pick a partner who you foresee growing with through the ups and downs of life. Because being parents to kids is hard work! And you don’t want to lose yourself or each other in the process.

👉🏽Nurture your family, friends and work relationships. Relationships are the key to happiness (the longest running happiness research study found this to be the case).

👉🏽My identity as a mother is connected to my identity as lawyer, coach, writer, podcast host, HR professional, friend, daughter, etc. but it is not everything I am. I don’t latch my worth onto any piece of my identity anymore.

👉🏽Work on loving yourself so deeply that your kids see it and know how to do it for themselves when they are older.

👉🏽Make time to take care of your well-being. This is a non-negotiable for me now. Make time for you to be by yourself, to care for your body, mind and spirit. And ask yourself: what do I need most (and give it to yourself).

What would you add to these lessons learned?


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