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Let it go

Do you remember hearing “Let it go” from the movie Frozen everywhere and then Frozen II came out?

Kids went crazy over these movies.

So did I. Full fledged adult with children.

I think Frozen II was for us adults.

Who doesn’t relate to the song “show yourself, step into your power, grow yourself into something newwwww”?

I even asked my sister if she’d go with me to watch the movie in the theatres. She had come to see me for a different reason in December 2019, and we went to see Frozen II.

It’s a movie about the bond between sisters, the need to follow and live our truths, and the power that we always have inside of us.

This is the selfie we took right before the movie started.

May you spend time this weekend with those you love and who remind you of your strength, truth, and power.❤️


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