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Let’s talk needs…

I hear the comments all the time, “Ugh I need to be better at...” “I need to prioritize XYZ.” “I have to start doing...” “I know I know, I ought to do...” All the so-called needs and passing words we say, half truth in sentiment but empty in actual action. We think it, we say it, we FEEL it, but we don’t act on it. We do not proactively push ourselves for making these changes. And I understand, truly. There is no shame in it, we ALL have done it, we have ALL been there, maybe reading this you currently still ARE there. But that is ok! I am not here to tell you that you’re doing something we haven’t all done, something I haven’t done (guilty, eeek 🤷 ). We get caught up in life, in work, in caring for our family, our relationships, friendships, obligations, projects, schooling, the list can feel never ending. Even day-to-day tasks add up, and take TIME. Time, that precious thing we part with every day, trading moments of our life and exchange for... what? Yes there are things we have to do, but if we take a moment...a truly HONEST moment with ourselves to think about and write down all the things we do that we trade these precious moments of our valuable time for, does every item on that list actually fill a NEED for us? You may be asking “girl, what the heck do you mean by need? I need money, I need to eat, my kids need to go to school, I’ve got a mile long list of NEEDS babe.” And you are right, yes those are needs in a way, but what I am asking if for you to take an introspective look at your routine and how you spend your time and compare these things to your personal growth, development, and psychological needs. Self growth, real change, that life transformation you are craving, it comes from an uncomfortable place, a place where we are BRUTALLY HONEST with ourselves, and a place where we HAVE TO BE READY for if we really want to implement change. This weeks podcast is digging deep, reviewing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to help you understand more about what you truly have to have in this season of your life, and how to get it! Tune into episode 51 today, and learn how to get started prioritizing your needs. -WIth grace, Arivee


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