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Let’s Talk Self-Worth

So many of us subconsciously attach our value as a person to what we do and external markers of success. Have you seen the documentary about Naomi Osaka? At one point she’s talking about her success in tennis and she says: “For so long I tied my winning to my worth as a person” and she started questioning “who am I” without all that winning. For her, it’s tennis. For others, it’s hustling for worthiness in other ways like feeling the need to work harder, longer, and non-stop to achieve the next promotion or to be seen as successful. Or you simply believe what you do for work and all the life milestones you are “supposed to achieve” is who you are. Or you rely and depend on achieving things, as well as approval and validation of others to feel good about yourself. So many of us aren’t aware we’re doing this to ourselves. That’s why it’s one of the hardest things to unlearn. You can’t change what you aren’t aware of. In this episode of the Humble Rising Podcast, I’m going all in on self-worth and separating your worth as a person from what you do for work, what you do at home, and your “success” and what you “achieve”. Tune in wherever you get your favorite podcasts or click the link below.


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