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Life and Business

One of my greatest fears in starting my coaching and speaking business was that I’d be seen. I wanted to be seen by women who needed coaching so they could find me (and I could find them), but I didn’t really want to be seen starting something “new”. Eventhough I felt completely aligned and knew this is what I wanted and needed to do, my brain was not happy with me. My brain saw potential disappointment, rejection and judgment and told me: Stop doing this. Don’t post anything on career and personal challenges on LinkedIn or Instagram. Don’t share that you’re a coach and speaker. Who are you to be those things anyway? You’re a lawyer. You went to school for that. Stay right where you are. It’s safe. What are people going to think? When you’re a recovering perfectionist and you struggled in the past with equating productivity and work output with your own self-worth (me), these are challenging to move through even when you’ve done a lot of internal work. I had to talk to these fears like they were my kids who didn’t want to come inside after playing outside all day. I had to meet them where they were at mentally and emotionally, talk to them from a place of understanding, and bring them along with me inside. This is one of the many challenges lawyer, life and business coach Loraine Martinez Bellamy (or Loly) helps her clients navigate. Loly helps multi-passionate women start and grow businesses alongside their 9-5. She teaches women how to become powerful decision makers, ditch self-doubt, and share their magic. If you want to learn some of her actionable strategies on side hustles and getting career clarity, listen to this episode wherever you get your podcasts. It’s full of action steps you can take now.


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