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Loving Yourself

We talk a lot about imposter syndrome, self-doubt, overcoming fear of uncertainty, judgment and rejection, and our inner critics. There are hundreds of books on these topics.

But what I’ve found over the years is that all these things are rooted in how deeply you love yourself.

Hear me out.

I’m assuming you work smart and hard, you prepare, you like growing and learning, and that you’re a kind person.

When you love yourself deeply, you know you deserve the world.

You deserve opportunities.

You deserve rest.

You deserve peace of mind.

You deserve to pivot, change, build, create, reassess, or level up in your life and career.

You won’t accept anything less.

When you love yourself, your trust yourself to make the best decision for you today and to show up as the best you can today.

You love yourself enough to extend compassion to yourself.

And your love for yourself will be stronger than your fear, your worries, and your doubts.

Because when you love yourself, truly and deeply, you feel and know you have your own back. Always.


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