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Making mental health time

Today is the beginning of an important month: it’s Mental Health Awareness month. I’ve experienced burnout, as well as depression and anxiety in the past. And I do a lot to manage my life in a way that prioritizes my self-care. It is a non-negotiable these days.

I describe burnout and depression as there being no light at the end of the tunnel and holding onto hope that the light is going to come into view at some point soon. It is an empty feeling.

Here is what mattered in my healing journey to feel like me again:

👉🏽I asked for help. To be honest, I waited too long to ask. But I eventually did and that’s what matters.

👉🏽I had a supportive employer and team.

👉🏽My family, partner, friends were there for me (although I didn’t tell my parents right away; I didn’t want them to worry). I allowed them to help me.

👉🏽I had a therapist, got a psychiatrist (this took me time too) and my PCP supporting me.

👉🏽I allowed myself the full range of emotions, even in front of my kids and I told them I was sad and explained in a simple way what I was going through.

👉🏽I rested and took a massive step away from any work.

👉🏽I wrote down what I was feeling in a journal.

👉🏽I eventually went back to doing things I love (this took time though) and that gave me energy.

👉🏽I let myself BE. I gave myself time and I stopped beating myself up that I should have been stronger and able to handle life better. This took me a long time.

What has helped you or what have you seen help others?

Please share in the comments so we can help each other.


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