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Managing the every day

People ask me how I manage everything: coaching, podcast, serving my community, work, family, taking care of my well-being which is a top priority for me.

I always say the same thing:

1. I don’t do it all. I have support. My parents are amazing.

2. I stopped feeling guilty that I couldn’t do it all.

3. I stay laser focused on doing things I LOVE. It’s really important to have something you love in and/or outside of work. It’s energizing and recharging. One thing I love is coaching women and sharing my podcast with this community.

4. I keep my boundaries but have flexibility when needed. I say no to a lot for opportunities that come along. I don’t work late unless something absolutely requires my attention.

5. I recognize peaks and valleys. I know when I need to switch into another gear and when I need to take it easy.

6. I accept the season of life I’m in as a mama of 3 kids. There are trade offs I’ve had to make and continue to make.

I have become more flexible over time to life and what each day will bring.

I still struggle.

I have days where I’m just trying to survive. I recognize when things are going too close to the edge and I need to pull it back.

I hit reset often to ground myself in the day, my priorities and then take it one task at a time.

I’ve also become less uncomfortable with the unknown and not knowing what a given day can bring.

What are the ways you manage everything?


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